Patchnotes Ascension 1.2.2 [Maintenance 02.07.2024]


Patch 1.2.2
Maintenance 07.02.2024
Game version is now 1.2.2


  • Added July Battlepass.
    Added 2 new Battlepass missions, Mining & Gathering.

Fixes & Changes:

  • Fixed that at Kingdoms War Event Shamans couldn't buff the players from their kingdom.
  • The Universal Talisman Extension will now add to the remaining time instead of resetting it to 24 hours. For example, if your talisman has 10 hours left and you use the extension, it will increase to 34 hours instead of resetting to 24 hours. This extension can stack indefinitely.
  • Updated the description of Sun-zi Art of War, Wu-zi Art of War, WeiLiao Zi mentioning that they drop at monsters close to your level.
  • Updated the description of all coin type items like Sanctuary coin, Gold Sanctuary coin etc mentioning that you can right click them to open the shop from a distance.
  • Now when you right click any Upgrade Coupon it will open the Blacksmith shop.
  • Now ores will not be visible on Minimap.
    We thought you could familiarize yourself with the locations. So they will no longer appear on Minimap.