Dear Adventurers,

We hope you are all doing well. We want to take a moment to share some important updates and plans with you.

Firstly, we know the recent server merger has been challenging. We are working hard to stabilize things on the Ascension server and fix all existing issues. This was a tough decision, but we believe it’s the best way forward. Let’s look at this as a new opportunity and a fresh start.

Secondly, we have been busy developing new ways for players to farm. We want beginners to have a chance to earn money and items too. Recently, we added the Mining system, which lets you get valuable items without any investment. We will keep improving it. There are many more surprises we want to keep secret for now, but we hope to delight you as always.

Thirdly, we know many of you are eagerly waiting for the new Guild System....

Patch 1.1.8
Maintenance 01.06.2024
Game version is now 1.1.8

Mining Content
  • Added 2 new ores to the Hwang Temple. These are Vein of Seal Soul & Vein of Gold Ore.
  • From Vein of Seal Soul you will obtain Seal Soul Ore.
  • From Vein of Gold Ore you will obtain Gold Nugget, at 50 Gold Nugget will turn into a Piece of Gold, from it you can obtain ingots.
  • Ores starting from now will be available for purchase with Seal Soul Ore from Alchemist.
  • As was logical, ores should not have been obtained from metin, as this makes the gameplay revolve all around destroying stones and to avoid monotony, we'll change this. With this...


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