Patch 1.1.7
Maintenance 18.05.2024
Game version is now 1.1.7

  • Added a new Attack option on Taskbar, now you will be able to select Stones with Multi Attack Option without pressing SHIFT button anymore.
  • Stones will still only be selectable with Right Click. Remain on Right Click, because if you had not selected a metin and the field next to it, this would have cancelled all other selected metins.
  • This new Option will serve also as a Auto Attack. You will auto attack with Left Click.
  • Added two new bonuses named: % Double Drop Stone & % Double Drop Bosses.
  • These bonuses will do exactly what the name inspires. If...

Patch 1.1.6
Maintenance 09.05.2024
Game version is now 1.1.6

Fixes & Changes:
  • Remove Easter Event.
  • Magic Egg, Easter Basket, Bunny & Buster will no longer spawn.
    • Easter Egg I, II & III will no longer available in drop.
  • Gautama/Island/Sanctuary/Thunder Rune now will have time displayed.
  • Chocolate Egg will be available until 9 June 2024, after this date they will all disappear automatically.
  • Drop changes:
    • Slightly increase chance Ice Shard in Nemere Chest.
    • Slightly increase chance Nemere Horn in Nemere...


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