Patch 1.2.3 - Path of Heroes

Maintenance 16.07.2024

Game version is now 1.2.3 News

  • Added a NEW Beginner Event
    • More details: Click here
    • Existing players will receive also a chest full with consumables and everything.
  • Added NEW Challenges related to the Content Update.

Hero Level

  • Visit NPC Merlin in Hwang Temple and accept his...

Becoming a Hero:

  • Before starting to level as a Hero, you need to become one.
  • Visit NPC Merlin in Hwang Temple and accept his questline.


  • Mission 1: Defeat the Cryptus.
  • Mission 2: Defeat the Sylvanus.
  • Mission 3: Defeat the Bone Dragon.
  • Mission 4: Defeat the Midas.
  • Mission 5: Complete Shadow Tower.
  • Mission 6: Kill Monsters.
  • Mission 7: Destroy Mythic Stones.
  • Mission 8: Defeat Beta...


Best Players, and Guilds

 Ranking- PvP Tournament